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Thursday, October 25, 2012
Cheraw Moose lodge provides Donations
Cheraw Moose Lodge 2404 has returned!
As of last month, Cheraw Moose Lodge has begun to give back to the community.
Its first donations have included Hospice and the Cheraw Recreation department. We will host a childrens "Trunk or Treat" is as well on October 31st in the Moose Lodge Field. As the Lodge grows...so will additional community involvement by our Lodge.
It is the intent of the Lodge to continue contributing to additional causes in the near future based on our members recommendations and votes for deserving charities and causes.
Thanks 2404! You are GREAT!
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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On behalf of all of the lodge members of Cheraw 2404, I wish to thank all of the volunteers who have contributed time, money and items to help "get the Lodge moving" again.
Johnny Dixon, our beloved Governor, has done a fine job of "getting things moving" in the right direction again. Although he has steered our lodge in the right direction, he and the few volunteers alone will not be able to maintain the pace for all 70 members: It will take a little bit of help from each and every member. It does not have to be from a plan, or committee, or voted on. If you see something that you are capable of doing, that needs to be done, or providing something to help, please do so. It will be greatly appreciated.
We have new members, new activities, new funds, and have started new contributions to the community again. To keep our pace up, and become a family oriented Lodge again, we will also have to adopt some new ways, and new rules. Although we know that this may be a bit painful at times, it must be done.
I will suggest to all the officers at our next meeting that we need to make a decision on the first few (not too many) changes which need to be made, consider them, and vote on them at the following meeting, and implement them.
It is just a start, but we want a lodge to be proud of.
Thanks again for everyone’s help!
Tony Anderson
Governor's Message
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